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State of surveillance during pandemic – update

In the recent development Google and Apple are going to release decentralized contact tracing framework. Using Bluetooth and cryptography for anonymised identifiers, it would be possible to trace contact with people who tested positive and upload the list without compromising privacy. It’s close in design to open-sourced DP-3T model. Other project with pan-European aspirations is called PEPP-PT, which has centralized...

Face recognition is not ready for use and may never will be

Evolution of neural networks and image recognition algorithms made steady progress to the point where Facebook algorithm can identify partly covered face with 83% accuracy (2015), and face recognition is used at airports and to unlock the phones and object recognition is fast enough to allow autonomous cars (and weapons).
It was about that time when Google new Photos app labelled some people as gorillas

Neuralink – my thoughts

The race for interface has begun!
The concept of being blown away by the future speaks to the magic of our collective intelligence—but it also speaks to the naivety of our intuition. Our minds evolved in a time when progress moved at a snail’s pace, so that’s what our hardware is calibrated to. And if we don’t actively override our intuition—the part of us that reads about a future this outlandish and refuses to believe it’s possible—we’re living in denial.